106 Unicoi Village Place, Unicoi, TN 37692

In 2013, the Town of Unicoi opened their Tourist Information Center off of Exit 32, on I-26.  The center provides a warm welcome to travelers passing along I-26, and offers information on attractions in Unicoi and the surrounding areas.  Visitors are greeted by a large stone fireplace and sitting area as they enter the center.  Visitors will also notice the buffalo head that is mounted in the middle of the fireplace.  Buffalos were native to the Unicoi area many years ago, and the Town of Unicoi embrcases our heritage of the buffalo. 

The Buffalo Conference Room is also located inside of the Tourist Information Center.  This room is reserved by area non-profit organizations for meetings and gatherings.  In addition, the Town of Unicoi also holds various public events at the Tourist Information Center throughout the year.

In addition to welcoming travelers and residents, the Tourist Information Center also houses the Tanasi Art and Hertitage Center.  Read more about Tanasi here.