Handmade Craft Vendor
$35 Booth Fee

Retail Vendor

$135 Booth Fee

Non-Profit Vendor
$25 Booth Fee

Retail vendors are NO longer required to donate 30% of their sales to a non-profit. 

​The increase in booth space covers the donation vendors used to handle independently. The additional $100 will go toward donations to four local charities that work to benefit the citizens of Unicoi. 

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Non-Profit Food Vendor
$25 Booth Fee

Retail Food Vendor

$125 Booth Fee

Call (423) 735-0517 for questions
regarding booth spaces for the 18th Annual Wayned Scott Strawberry
Festival in Unicoi, Tennessee.

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May 13 FINAL

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The purpose of the Wayne Scott Strawberry Festival is to promote community spirit and neighborly support. Handmade Crafters, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations are the focus of the festival and it has been opened to retail vendors at a higher rate to benefit local charities.

In previous years, the rules have required that vendors other than non-profits donate 30 percent of their proceeds to a non-profit of their choice. This added multiple steps to the application process and required follow-up verification on the part of festival staff. 

To simplify and streamline the festival application process, an increase in booth spaces for vendors other than non-profits has been applied (see prices above). The additional monies received through these new rates will be donated to four local charities within Unicoi County.

Any booth selling items that are not handmade will fall into the "Retail Vendor" category. Non-profits must have proper documentation to qualify for the lower-priced booth space. 


For more information or to become a vendor, please email recreationaide@unicoitn.net or contact Patricia Bennett at (423) 735-0517.

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