The Town of Unicoi established its own police department in 2019 after years of discussions and research into the benefits of an independent force. The first ever police chief, Andy Slagle, was sworn into office at the town's 25th Anniversary Celebration October 11.

The department consists of one full-time police chief and two auxillary officers. The Unicoi Police Department receives additional backup support from the Unicoi County Sheriff's Department.


The Town of Unicoi Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens of the town. The department's mission is to ensure a safe, peaceful and productive community for all who live in the Beautiful Buffalo Valley.

Town of Unicoi police officers pride themselves on demonstrating the highest standard of professionalism, ethical and fair treatment, as well as honesty and integrity in their pursuit of justice and overall safety for the community. 

The Unicoi Police Department pledges to enforce the ordinances of the Town of Unicoi and the laws of the State of Tennessee and the United States of America in a fair and equal manner for all citizens and visitors.

​​ ​Police Chief Andy Slagle

CALL 911 for Emergencies

The following forms will be emailed to an officer and may not be checked immediately. If you have an active, emergency in progress, please call 911 so an officer can be dispatched to your location.
Additional Patrol Request
Submit an Anonymous Tip
Incident Report Request



Tourist Information Center in Unicoi (Exit 32)


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• Network with professionals who work in these careers daily
• Learn about the educational requirements for a career in law enforcement
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