Caterers, food trucks, personal chefs, packaged food producers, bakers, culinary instructors, and just about any type of food artisan will find a home at the Mountain Harvest Kitchen. 

Start-Up: Orientation and Training

  1. Free
    This service includes a facility tour and overview of the equipment, processing capacity, and services available to kitchen members. Appointment is required.
    Initial Consultation
  2. $50
    This fee covers training for equipment use and cleaning, guidance on regulatory requirements, packaging, product development, and other needs for your product.
    Training and Insight
  3. $200
    This deposit will be applied to any damage or breakage caused by misuse of equipment, cleaning costs when cleaning requirements are not met and/or if MHK policies are not followed.
    Facility Deposit

Kitchen Use: Facility access, general equipment, and sanitation supplies

  1. $25/hr
    Applies to low use non-member users.
    Non-Member Hourly Rental
  2. $300/mo up to 25 hrs
    Applies to entrepreneurs during start-up and product development phase. Limited to a period of 3 consecutive months.
    New Business Package
  3. $400/mo up to 25 hrs
    Applies to established food processors.
    Basic Membership
  4. $750/mo up to 50 hrs
    Applies to established food processors.
    Pro Membership
  5. $15/hr
    Applies to members. Additional processing time beyond 25 hours is billed at this hourly rate.
    Member Hourly Extension
  6. $50/hr
    For exclusive use of the facility and guarantees no others will be working while you are scheduled.
    Exclusive Use Hourly Rental

Storage: Overnight, extended storage

  1. $25/unit
    Applies to overnight long-term storage of ingredients, product, and supplies. Secured cages are 58W x 23D x 59H with 3 shelves per unit.
    Dry Storage
  2. $25/shelf
    Applies to overnight long-term storage of temperature sensitive items. Rentable shelf size is 60W x 24D x 18H.
    Refrigerated Storage
  3. $25/shelf
    Applies to overnight long-term storage of temperature sensitive items. Rentable shelf size is 60W x 24D x 18H.
    Frozen Storage
Funding Opportunity for Town of Unicoi Residents
Are you a Town of Unicoi resident? You could be eligible to use the MHK certified commercial kitchen, at no cost! The Home Cooks Grant application is available now, download application below. Funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until it runs out.

Home Cooks Grant Application

Your business is unique!
Mountain Harvest Kitchen is growing! The fees and rates may change as the facility and services grow. As much advanced notice as possible will be given when changes in fees are made. 
The fees listed above serve as a framework. Set-up an appointment to determine which package best fits your unique needs. 
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