The Clinchfield Railroad Museum recently donated a historic caboose to the Town of Unicoi. It was the last caboose to run on the Clinchfield Railroad.

The town is in the process of preparing a space for the caboose at the Tourist Information Center and is seeking donations to assist with the cost of site preparation, transportation and installation. 

Once complete, the interior of the caboose will be outfitted as a museum outlining the history of the railroad in Unicoi and its importance to the community and its residents.

The caboose will also serve as an information station directing visitors to other local
railroad museums.

These costs are 
estimated and may fluctuate slightly. 
The numbers outline 
the cost to move and 
set the caboose. Paint 
and interior materials 
are not included in 
these figures, but town employees and volunteer labor will be used for those portions of the project to keep cost to a minimum.  
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